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Brunei celebrates sultan’s anniversary with new note

The Monetary Authority of Brunei issued a polymer $50 bank note (the U.S. equivalent of approximately $36.75) on Oct. 9 commemorating the 50th anniversary of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s accession to the throne. The 71-year-old-sultan, who is also the country’s prime minister, is one of the richest men in the world, with a net worth estimated by Forbes at about $20 billion.

The note is yellow in color, symbolic of Brunei royalty. 

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One of its security features is optically variable ink in the numeral “$50” at the top right of the face. The ink changes from green to gold as the bank note is tilted. Another security feature is a large see-through window with a portrait of the sultan.

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The Monetary Authority offered several the note in several package options. One was a single note with an “HB50” prefix in a leatherette box and an issue price of $50. The offer was limited to 4,000 notes. Another was a two-piece set of a $50 note and a $25 note in a folder, an offer restricted to 3,000 sets that sold for $160 each. An edition of 55,000 single notes in a folder cost $55 each. Three-, eight-, and 40-subject uncut sheets were also offered.

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