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Braille to be used on future UAE banknotes

The raised dots of Braille are what blind and visually-impaired individuals use to “read” books, documents and, soon, bank notes issued by the United Arab Emirates, according to a story posted online Dec. 27, 2014, at

In July the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates issued instructions “for banknotes to be printed ‘using Braille characters so that they will be readable by those who lost their vision,’ ” according to the article.

Nazem Fawzi, a disability adviser for the Ministry of Social Affairs is quoted in the article as saying bank officials provided samples of the proposed Braille markings and asked that they be checked to see “if the Braille marking was suitable and easy to identify.” 

The 50- and 100-dirham denominations will be the first to feature the Braille markings and then it will be used on other denominations.

In a related story, several blind UAE residents expressed hopes that the UAE Central Bank’s plan to introduce Braille features on notes would provide them with greater independence.

No date was given for issuance of the first notes with Braille.

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