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Bourse activity at International Paper Money Show pleases dealers

Dealers reported that the bourse at the 2015 International Paper Money Show, pictured here in 2014, had plenty of activity.

Amid the many reports about the success of the auctions and of the ancillary activities that combine to make the Memphis, Tenn., International Paper Money Show a unique numismatic event, sometimes forgotten is what most dealers and collectors go there for in the first place, the activity on the bourse floor. 

An unscientific poll confirmed that the 2015 show was busier and better than prior years. Meredith Hilton of Kagin’s Inc. considered it a very good show. He said it “was exceptionally well attended. When the show opened to the public, there was a longer than usual line of attendees waiting to get inside.” He went on to call it “one of the better Memphis shows of the last several years with robust business on both the retail and wholesale sides.”

Chad Hawk of Paper Money Guaranty said, “The Memphis show of 2015 was a great event featuring a plethora of beautiful currency. Along with the many familiar faces, I was happy to see a lot of new people. I look forward to what future shows will hold.” 

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Fractional currency expert Rob Kravitz said Memphis was “far better than last year.” He sold quite a few copies of the second edition of his reference book, A Collectors Guide to Postage & Fractional Currency, to new customers. In a break from the norm, Kravitz said that “most of the collectors that were looking for fractionals wanted notes that were not slabbed. They mostly wanted notes that had good embossing that cannot be seen in a slab.” He said he sold mostly “better grade notes.”

Frederick J. Bart of Executive Currency commented: “Although traffic and activity on the bourse floor was markedly increased above recent years, our firm’s sales didn’t necessarily correlate with the increase. Dealers carrying large inventories of world bank notes seemed especially pleased with their sales. Activity on large-size type remained on par with recent conventions, while activity on small size type was notably more brisk. Error notes are attracting a new cadre of collectors.” 

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