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Bolivia continues new note release

The Central Bank of Bolivia announced the issue of a new 50-boliviano note on Oct. 15. It is the third of six denominations in a new series in which the 10- and 20-boliviano notes were issued earlier this year.

The 100-, 200-, and 500-boliviano notes will follow in order of denomination.

Recognizing the nation’s cultural diversity, this series is the first to use the formal name of Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. All notes are still made of cotton and retain the same colors. 

The violet 50-boliviano note also has the same design concept as the others. 

The three individuals shown on the face are Jose Manuel Baca, known as “Canoto”; Bruno Raca, an indiginous Bolivian who was proclaimed a national hero for his heroism fighting Brazilian forces in the Battle of Bahia; and Pablo Zarate, known as Willka, an indigenous Bolivian military and political leader and colonel in the Bolivian army. In the center of the face is the Incallajta Fortress, a set of buildings originally erected by the Incas between 1463 and 1472 that is now an archeological monument.

The three features on the back are the Nevado Sajama, an extinct volcano; the rare and endangered Andean flamingo, a species native to the Andes; and a quinua real plant, known as quinoa in English. 

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