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Ben Bernanke doesn't want Alexander Hamilton taken off the $10

Face and back of a Series 2013 $10 Federal Reserve note. The $10 FRN currently stars Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first secretary of the Treasury, among his many accomplishments.

1. Bernanke on Hamilton

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, while not opposed to putting a woman on a Federal Reserve note, does not want Alexander Hamilton taken off the $10 bill, he opined in a Brookings Institution blog post.

"Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, would qualify as among the greatest of our founders for his contributions to achieving American independence and creating the Constitution alone," Bernanke wrote. "In addition to those accomplishments, however, Hamilton was without doubt the best and most foresighted economic policymaker in U.S. history."

Bernanke, instead, seems to embrace the efforts of the Women On 20s campaign:

"As many have pointed out, a better solution is available: Replace Andrew Jackson, a man of many unattractive qualities and a poor president, on the twenty dollar bill. Given his views on central banking, Jackson would probably be fine with having his image dropped from a Federal Reserve note."

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