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Battle of Waterloo coin gets international media attention

1. Battle of Waterloo coin hits mainstream news cycle

After a eurozone coin honoring the 200th anniversary of the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo was rejected by France, Belgium as taken matters into its own hands by issuing a €2.5 noncirculating legal tender coin.

It's getting a ton of international media attention.

  • The New York Times notes that France is not pleased.
  • Huffington Post lets readers know that the battle still doesn't sit well with the French. 
  • Daily Mail says that this issue could jeopardize relations within the European Union.
  • From CNN, we learn that this coin is the first Belgian coin of its value. 
2. 2015 Uncirculated dollar coin set on sale June 16

The United States Mint will next week release a set that includes four Presidential dollars, one Native American dollar, and one American Eagle silver dollar.
3. Pogue's 1820 Capped Bust quarter boasts spectacular tones 
Pogue’s 1820 Capped Bust quarter dollar grading Proof 66 is the finest known of four or five known Proof examples of this date and the finest example of the date in any finish. 
4. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce as of 9:57 a.m. ET Wednesday:

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