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Bank of Norway produces music video for cod note

Call it unconventional. Or maybe even a little bit nuts. Whatever you call it, “The Cod are Coming — Cod Kroner Now” (“Torsken kommer II — Torske kroner nå”) is the title of the music video the Bank of Norway is using to introduce the 200-kroner note (worth about $23.75) with a codfish on its face that debuted on May 30. 

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Set to the music of the 1960s pop hit “I Will Follow Him,” it features the famous Norwegian comedy trio KLM in a new version of the Torsken Kommer song they first made famous in the 1980s, with a guest appearance by the not-so-famous Norwegian rapper “DJ Codfather” and a cameo by the bank’s governor, Øystein Olsen.

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The video opens with the comedy trio, dressed as fishermen, in a celebratory unloading of their day’s catch, which is tossed into the Bank of Norway’s Cod Kroner van for delivery to the bank. There they are unceremoniously fed into machines that transform them into packs of the 200-kroner bank notes. “The cod is our friend,” they sing, “and now its worth 200 kroner!”

That’s where DJ Codfather steps in with a rap performance describing many of the note’s security features, including the security thread, a color-changing floating ring, watermark, and an anchor chain integrated into the paper. The nearly three-minute video concludes with a botched bank heist.

Dealer Gunnar Thesen of Oslo Myntgalleri said that Norway’s notes have mostly featured famous people since 1901. He says the strategy for the new series is to “build around the country and its history. The cod has been the main source of income for people in Norway’s north for centuries.” 

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