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Bank of Lebanon selling note sheets at World Money Fair in Berlin

The Banque du Liban (the Bank of Lebanon) sells uncut sheets of several of its bank notes to collectors for a premium over the notes' face value.

Coin World image by Jeff Starck.

“Chinese buyers love sheets of bank notes,” according to Banque du Liban (the Bank of Lebanon) Executive Director Mazen Hamdan.

Hamdan told Coin World that buyers in China use the sheets for display and especially for gifts.

The bank was offering four different versions of uncut sheets during the 2015 World Money Fair in Berlin.


The most affordable sheet included 60 examples of the 1,000-pound note, the lowest denomination note in circulation in Lebanon. The 60-note sheets are sold for the equivalent of $133 U.S. The face value, of 60,000 pounds, is equivalent to $39.70 U.S. 

A 48-count sheet of 5,000-pound notes was offered for $300 U.S., compared to its face value equivalent of $158.83. 

A 48-count sheet of the 10,000-pound note, with a face value equivalent of $317.67, was offered at $500 U.S.

The highest denomination note available in uncut sheets is a commemorative 50,000-pound note. A 40-note sheet, with a face value of 2 million Lebanese pounds (worth $1,323.62 U.S.) sells for $4,000 U.S.

To learn more about the Bank of Lebanon, visit its website.

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