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Bank notes from design concept to production on exhibit

Visitors to the Galt Museum & Archives in Canada will be able to peek over the engravers’ shoulder to see the design process involved in producing bank notes and stamps.

The exhibit opened Feb. 8 and will continue through May 18, 2015. The museum is in Lethbridge, Alberta, about 300 miles north of Missoula, Mont.

The exhibit now on display, “Voices from the Engraver,” is part of a traveling bilingual exhibit produced by the Bank of Canada Museum in partnership with the Canadian Museum of History.

The exhibit displays the path of a bank note or stamp from the concept stage to final product. Original art, printing plates, engraver’s tools, photographs, videos, interactive displays, rare stamps and paper money are on display.

In addition, four interactive modules include a photo booth where visitors can make their own “stamp” or “bank note” featuring their portrait, design elements and choice of colors, which they can email home as a souvenir.

For details, visit the museum website, telephone the museum at 403-320-3954 or email it.

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