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Austrian 1879 Wedding coin

I have an 1879 Austrian coin that I am unable to identify. I am also wondering about the coin’s value.

Merritt H. Cohen

East Hanover, N.J.

The color photocopies Cohen sent to Coin World appear to be of an Austrian silver 2-florin coin.

This coin was issued for the silver wedding anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Princess Elizabeth of Wittelsbach.

John S. Davenport’s book European Crowns and Talers Since 1800 provides a brief look at the couple’s reign.

Ferdinand’s reign lasted from 1848 to 1916. This was the longest reign in Austrian history at almost 68 years.

He married the princess April 24, 1854. Davenport adds that the empress was assassinated in 1897.

A total of 275,000 Wedding Anniversary coins were minted. The fifth edition (2007) of Unusual World Coins by Colin R. Bruce II values this coin in Uncirculated condition at $145.

The catalog also notes that varieties exist without dots in the coin’s legend.

A Mint State 61 example of this coin sold Nov. 20 in a Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio auction for $153.

I just purchased the Thomas Jefferson Coin and Currency set. In this set is a $2 Federal Reserve star note.

Is this an error or mistake? I always believed that these sets should be as close to perfect as possible.

Frank and Jean Agudio

Dublin, Pa.

The use of a Series 1976 $2 Federal Reserve note with a star instead of a letter at the end of the serial number for your Coin and Currency set was not an error, nor is the note itself an error.

A star at the end of a note’s serial number indicates it is a replacement for an error discovered on a sheet. Replacement notes come from an already printed stock of these star notes. When the Bureau of Engraving and Printing provided $2 notes to the United States Mint for this set, it used notes from its stock, apparently both notes with a regular serial number and those with a serial number and star.

The set was produced by the United States Mint to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson in 1994. The sets featured an Uncirculated Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary commemorative silver dollar, an Uncirculated 1994-P Jefferson 5-cent coin and a Crisp Uncirculated Series 1976 $2 Federal Reserve note bearing Jefferson’s portrait. Production of the set reached more than 160,000.

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