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Australian animal in the dark on silver proof coin

The first coin in a new series celebrating Australia at Night depicts the duck-billed platypus in a nocturnal setting.

Coin image courtesy of Downies.

Australia is an exotic land with exotic animals unseen anywhere else.

At night, the wildlife is active, and a new coin from Downies simulates the dark, mysterious character of nocturnal living.

1806 Mint reportInside Coin World: About those 1805 silver dollars Although an 1806 Mint document claims 321 silver dollar were made in 1805, no such coins are known today. It took a later book to explain the reference.

The first coin is the Australia at Night “Black Proof” series showcases the bizarre duck-billed platypus,

Platypuses are amazing creatures, found only in Australia. They live beside freshwater rivers and lakes, where they create burrows for shelter and protection. Nocturnal creatures, they are most active at night. 


The platypus has a number of different Aboriginal names, including boondaburra, mallingong and tambreet. In traditional Australian culture, the platypus occupies a very special, almost sacred, role, and is one of the few animals that it is considered taboo to hunt or eat.

The coins in this series are .999 fine silver 1-ounce pieces, and feature a proprietary black treatment to simulate a dark, nocturnal world, to make the platypus look like it’s swimming through its riverine habitat at night. 

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According to distributor Talisman Coins, “We believe that the black treatment may be rhodium plating — but the [Perth] Mint won’t confirm.”

The 2018 $1 coin of Niue weighs 31.13 grams, measures 38.6 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 1,000 pieces. 

Talisman offers the coin for $99.95 each, with certain quantity discounts available.

To learn more, or order the coin, visit the firm’s website

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