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Argentina continues note series with 20-peso issue

The Central Bank of Argentina released on Oct. 4 the third in its new series of bank notes with a native animals theme. 

The face of the predominantly red, cotton-paper 20-peso note shows the guanaco, the wild parent species of the llama and representative of the Patagonian Steppe. The face is designed in vertical format and also depicts ornamental flowers. 

The horizontal-format back is a scene of the animal’s native habitat with a tiny guanaco in the lower left corner that the bank says is a reference dedicated to children. At the right is a map of Argentina, including Antarctica and the islands in the South Atlantic.

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Included among the security measures on the 155-millimeter by 65-millimeter note are a watermark of a guanaco and the value 20, intaglio printing, a security thread, microlettering, iridescent printing, color-shifting devices, digits of various sizes in one serial number, and many characteristics that can be seen only under ultraviolet light.

The first bill in the new series was the 500-peso bill with the yaguareté, or jaguar, launched in June 2016, and the second issue was a 200-peso note with the southern right whale, in October of the same year. A 1,000-peso note is supposed to follow later this year, with 50- and 100-peso notes to come in 2018.

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