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ANS seeks speakers for September 2023 conference

The American Numismatic Society will stage Coinage of the Americas Conference Sept. 22 and 23.

Images courtesy of the American Numismatic Society.

The American Numismatic Society is seeking research papers through June 1 addressing its Sept. 22 and 23 Coinage of the Americas Conference theme of “18th and 19th Century Design and Production.”

COAC 2023 is sponsored by the Resolute Americana Collection and the Stack family.

“For COAC 2023, the ANS seeks presentations and papers related to the design and production methods of numismatic objects,” according to the solicitation for unpublished research. “The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw the beginning and apex of the Industrial Revolution in the United States and abroad, and those methods drastically changed during this period. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than in numismatics, where nearly every method of design, die production, and striking was transformed.

“New machines were created for the sake of monetary creation, while old methods never seemed to fully fade away. This was not only true for the production of coins, tokens, and medals, but especially for paper currencies.”

Topics for COAC 2023, according to ANS officials, can be large or minute in scope, specific or broad, but must be new and unpublished research.

Potential topics include:
➤ The evolution of design and production on coins or paper currency.
➤ Historical narratives of specific numismatic pieces that offers new insight into their design and production.
➤ Biographies of specific engravers or companies that produced numismatic material.
➤ A compare-and-contrast between the production methods of two or more works, time periods, or places.
➤ How an 18th/19th century design was influenced by the past, or has influenced one from the modern era.

Each presenter selected will have 50 minutes including time for questions and answers. After the conference, each invited participant has until Jan. 31, 2024, to submit their polished article for possible inclusion in an edited volume.

Final papers should be no more than 8,000 words (not including tables, charts, image captions, or references).

To submit a proposal to COAC 2023, potential presenters are asked to provide the title of their topic, a 250-word abstract, and brief biography to Dr. Jesse Kraft, ANS Resolute Americana Assistant Curator of American Numismatics, at by June 1.

The selection committee will notify those who submitted successful proposals by June 15.

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