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ANS schedules Money Talks on State Coinages of the Confederation

Money Talks for July will feature state coinages issued before the ratification of the Constitution.

Images courtesy of ANS

Members of the American Numismatic Society are invited to join in the next presentation of the “Money Talks” series.

The topic will be “An Introduction to the State Coinages of the Confederation, 1785-1788.”

The session, presented by Ray Williams, will be live via video conference at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, Saturday, July 18.

After the states achieved independence from Britain, the governing Articles of Confederation gave each state the right to coin its own money. Three states (Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey) passed legislation authorizing production of copper coinage. Vermont, which had not achieved statehood, followed a similar path. The practice continued until the U.S. Constitution was ratified June 21, 1788, ending the states’ minting rights and giving the power of coinage exclusively to the federal government.

“Money Talks” will focus on the legislation, mints, and people involved and the coins created during that brief period in American history. As with any Money Talks session, participants can ask questions and hear responses in real time. Interested parties should contact Emma Pratte at to get the link.

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