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Angels and Demons silver bullion rounds debut

Osborne Coinage Co. in Cincinnati has released the first two 1-ounce and 5-ounce silver rounds in its planned 12-piece Angels and Demons Steampunk Coin Collection.

The .999 fine silver rounds are being executed in two finishes — Proof and Antique. The firm also refers to its Antique finish as Vintage.

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As David M. Blumenfeld, Osborne’s director of business and product development, describes the theme: “Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction incorporating technology and artistic design into modern-day inventions. The inventions are modified to be powered by steam or clockwork mechanisms inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. An entire sub-culture has been created around Steampunk, with people dressing in clothing that blends a futuristic look with 19th century Victorian fashion.

“The genius behind the Steampunk Collection is Studio Kawaii, a team formed by Ana and Mercedes Hidalgo, Spanish twin sisters that have been creating manga-style comics and graphic novels for over 15 years, with published works both in Europe and USA.”

The first two releases in the Steampunk Collection depict the angel Theodosia and the fighting demon Cornelius.

The Theodosia obverse depicts her in a skirt, lace-trimmed bustier and thigh-high boots, plus goggles. Large wings spring from her back, and her hands rest on her hips as she strikes a defiant pose.

Cornelius is depicted on the obverse wearing a metal arm sleeve, pointed bat wings, and clawed fingers to enhance his fierce mien, plus a skull-emblazoned belt. He, too, is equipped with goggles, and he toys with a large flame. Flames occupy the surrounding field as well.

The common reverse for the series displays the weight and purity along with Mint mark encircled by shifting gears.

”ThomasHow $75 worth of Thomas Jefferson’s silver helped launch the U.S. Mint: Inside Coin World: On the morning of July 11, 1792, Thomas Jefferson took a historic two-block stroll through the streets of Philadelphia carrying $75 worth of his own silver.

Each round is edge numbered, packed in a plastic capsule, and is accompanied by a matching numbered certificate of authenticity.

The 1-ounce rounds are 39.1 millimeters in diameter, limited to mintages of 2,500 in Proof and 1,500 in Antique/Vintage. The 5-ounce 63.5-millimeter rounds are restricted to 1,000 pieces in Proof and 750 pieces in Antique/Vintage.

Blumenfeld said the firm also plans to offer the silver rounds in colorized versions.

Examples of the Steampunk Collection rounds are available through Provident Metals and APMEX.

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