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Andrew Jackson silver medal seventh in Presidential series

The Andrew Jackson Presidential silver medal, which will be issued by the U.S. Mint Feb. 24 as part of its ongoing series, will be priced 15 percent higher than the four Presidential silver medals issued in 2019.

The Jackson medal will be offered at $46, compared to the $39.95 charged for the Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe and John Quincy Adams silver medals in 2019.

The silver medal series was introduced in August 2018 with the George Washington and John Adams medals at $39.95 each.

Like the previous Presidential silver medals issued in 2018 and 2019, the Jackson medal will be struck on the same 1-ounce .999 fine silver planchets as are used for American Eagle silver dollars. It will bear a Matte Finish and be produced at the Philadelphia Mint. The medal, measuring 1.598 inches or 40.6 millimeters, will not bear the facility’s P Mint mark.

The soon-to-be-released silver Jackson medal will be based on the original Jackson Indian Peace medal produced at the Philadelphia Mint in 1831.

The obverse portrait of Jackson facing right was designed and engraved by U.S. Mint Engraver Moritz Furst and the reverse was designed and engraved by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver John Reich.

The modern silver medal is based on the original medal attributed as IP-14 in R.W. Julian’s Medals of the United States Mint: The First Century 1792-1892.

The silver medal series is being produced without product limits and is part of the U.S. Mint’s ongoing catalog of medallic art.

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