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Andorra announces €2 coins

Andorra has announced plans to issue two circulating commemorative €2 coins before the calendar year concludes.

One of the coins will mark the 25th anniversary of the signature of the Customs Agreement with the European Union. 

The other coin is scheduled to honor the 30th anniversary since laws marked the coming of age and political rights for men and women turning 18 years old. 

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The obverse of the Customs Agreement coin shows a map of Andorra with the coat of arms of the Principality highlighted inside it. At the bottom of the design, two opposing arrows interlaced, representing the Customs Agreement between Andorra and the European Union, show the year dates of 1990 and 2015 and the name of the issuing country ANDORRA.

Surrounding the map of Andorra appears the inscription translating to ”25th anniversary of the Signature of the Customs Agreement with the European Union.”

A total of 85,000 coins are set to be released in December.

The Coming of Age coin is also due for release in December.

The obverse shows a partial reproduction of a young person casting a vote. The ballot that the figure is holding bears the country name. 

To the left of the figure are the year dates 1985 and 2015. An inscription  translating to 30th anniversary “Coming of Age at 18 years old” surrounds the design.

The coin is due to have a mintage of 85,000 pieces.

Both ringed-bimetallic €2 coins carry the standard map design on the reverse. 

The coin’s outer ring (on both sides) depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

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