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Massive hoard of Roman coins found in Spain

1. 1,300 pounds of Roman history 

Last week, a Spanish construction crew that was installing electricity in a park in Tomares — a town in the province of Seville — made an incredible discovery. 

CNN reports that while digging, the crew banged into a collection of ancient Roman bronze coins that date back to the third century. 

Tens of thousands of coins were found in 19 amphoras, ancient Roman jug-like vessels. 

Ana Navarro, head of the Archaeology Museum in Seville, was shocked by the sheer mass of the find.  

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the initial hypothesis is that these coins were stashed away to pay taxes or army levies. 

There's no initial information regarding the overall value of this hoard. 

2. Women on notes

Scottish novelist and poet Nan Shepherd and scientist Mary Somerville will grace two new Scottish notes from the Royal Bank of Scotland starting in 2017. 

"The bank says this is the first time the two notes will feature women," writes Arthur L. Friedberg. "The theme for both notes is 'the Fabric of Nature.' They will be printed on De La Rue’s Safeguard polymer substrate and will contain a variety of security features that De La Rue says will make them hard to counterfeit but easy to authenticate."

3. A warning from the PNG 

The Professional Numismatists Guild made a public service announcement recently, warning the public about thecounterfeits that are running rampant right now. 

If you're a serious collector, you'll want to read this.

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