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Ancient Greek gold stater of Mysia realizes $99,450

One of three examples of a circa 336 B.C. gold stater of Pergamon in Mysia in About Uncirculated to Uncirculated condition, realized $99,450 in a Jan. 6 auction in New York City.

One of only three examples known of a gold rarity from ancient Greece led all bidding in Bonhams’ Jan. 6 auction in New York City.

The “exceedingly rare” circa 336 B.C. gold stater of Pergamon in Mysia realized $99,450 against an estimate of $115,000 to $125,000. The coin is graded About Uncirculated to Uncirculated.

The coin was the marquee item in the 110-lot Meyer and Ebe Collection of Ancient Greek Coins. A private collector built the collection over the past decade.

The auction in total realized $569,103, with 201 lots of the 260 offered, or 77.3 percent, sold.

The auction was held in the firm’s New York City location while the New York International Numismatic Convention was under way, but the auction was not officially linked to the show.

All successful bids were subject to a buyer’s fee, which is 17 percent for bids up to $100,000 and thereafter is 15 percent.

The illustrated auction catalog may be viewed online at, and is also available for purchase. For more information, telephone the firm at 310-436-5455 (California office) or 212-644-9001 (New York office), or email it at

Some additional highlights:

Greece, Bruttium, Rhegium, circa 425 to 420 B.C. silver tetradrachm, 17.31 grams, “slight granulation [on part of reverse], otherwise a lightly toned example,” Good Very Fine, $21,060.

Greece, Sicily, Syracuse, circa 405 to 380 B.C. silver decadrachm, 43.08 grams, About Extremely Fine, $17,550.

Greece, Kings of Macedon, Alexander I, circa 498 to 454 B.C. silver octadrachm, 28.79 grams, Good VF, $14,040.

Greece, Kings of Macedon, Alexander III (the Great), circa 330 to 320 B.C. gold distater, Amphipholis, 17.18 grams, EF to Uncirculated, $18,720.

Greece, Kings of Macedon, Perseus, circa 179 to 178 B.C. silver tetradrachm, 17.51 grams, “probably only about 30 specimens of this spectacular issue exist,” Good VF, $17,550.

Greece, Caria, Rhodes, circa 408 to 404 B.C. silver tetradrachm, 15.2 grams, VF, $15,210.

Greece, Ptolemaic kings of Egypt, Berenike II (wife of Ptolemy III), circa 246 to 221 B.C. gold octadrachm, 27.66 grams, Alexandria, EF, $16,380.

Greece, Ptolemaic kings of Egypt, Ptolemy III (for the deified Arsinoe II), circa 246 to 221 B.C. silver decadrachm, 35.58 grams, “posthumous issue,” About EF, $19,305. ¦

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