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American Eagle platinum bullion coin sales soar in June

Authorized purchasers in June bought 12,500 2023 American Eagle $100 platinum bullion coins from the United States Mint.

Original images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The U.S. Mint nearly tripled its sales in June to authorized purchasers of 2023 American Eagle 1-ounce platinum $100 bullion coins, pushing sales to 3,500 coins from only 1,200 the month before. Cumulative 2023 sales through June 30 total 12,700 coins.

American Eagle silver bullion dollar sales in June peaked at 1,482,000 coins, boosting the six-month sales total for calendar year 2023 to 9,724,000 coins.

The U.S. Mint sold 42,500 ounces of American Eagle .9167 fine gold bullion coins in all four sizes, bringing the six-month sales total to 733,500 ounces — 625,000 ounces in 1-ounce $50 coins, 36,500 ounces in half-ounce $25 coins, 33,000 ounces in quarter-ounce $10 coins and 38,500 ounces in tenth-ounce $5 coins.

American Buffalo 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 bullion coin sales in June hit 17,000 coins, down from 47,000 bullion coins purchased in May. Total 2023 American Buffalo gold bullion coin sales through June 30 reached 276,500 coins.

The Mint has not offered American Eagle palladium bullion coins in 2023, but is expected to offer an Uncirculated numismatic version of the coin later this year.

The U.S. Mint sells its bullion coins to several approved high-
capacity buyers at prices based on the spot price of the precious metal plus a premium; the buyers in turn offer the coins to the public.     

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