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American Creek reports gold drilling results

Drilling at American Creek Resources Ltd.'s Gold Hill property in 2018 yielded promising results for gold exploration.

O images courtesy of American Creek Resources Ltd.

Late 2018 drilling by American Creek Resources Ltd. on its Gold Hill property located east of Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada, includes results suggesting up to 66.4 grams of gold per metric ton of ore in the richest hole drilled.

Preliminary drilling covered intersecting drill holes comprising a total of 6,800 feet of drilling. The gold findings included four diamond drill holes on two sections, totaling roughly 6,800 feet of drilling. In total 929 drill core samples were analyzed.

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The Gold Hill property covers nearly 2,100 acres.

According to the American Creek Resources website, “The property contains a significant portion of the Boulder Creek drainage, a tributary of the Wild Horse River which is considered to be one of the greatest placer gold rivers in the entire province. Gold rushes have taken place there since the 1860’s that have yielded over 48 tonnes of reported gold, making it Canada’s 4th largest placer producer. The majority of the gold recovered from the Wild Horse was located along a 6 km stretch between Boulder Creek (upstream) and Brewery Creek (downstream).

“From the point where Boulder Creek enters the Wild Horse River for a distance of 6 kilometers downstream, a minimum of 1.5 million ounces (45,655,215 grams) of placer gold was recovered between 1864 and the 1930’s. In addition, an undetermined amount of placer gold was sold in the United States during this period but no records of the amount are available. The Boulder Creek drainage is the logical source of the placer gold recovered from the Wildhorse River below.

“Early efforts by prospectors to locate the source of the Wild Horse placer gold led explorers up Boulder Creek to what is now called the Gold Hill property. Although lode gold was first found in the area by prospectors in the late 1800’s, the Gold Hill property has not been the subject of any systematic modern exploration and prior to this program, the property has never been drill tested,” according to the American Creek Resources website.

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