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Algeria to release 2,000-dinar note honoring revolutionary leaders

The note vignette is based on this 1954 photograph showing the six leaders.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Bank of Algeria will issue a new 2,000-dinar bank note this November. The note is worth $15.59 in U.S. currency and is meant, said Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad at the unveiling ceremony, to “convey messages from the history of Algeria and pay homage to the martyrs of the Revolution.”

The face of the note will show the busts of six architects of the Algerian Revolution against France in the 1950s: Rabah Bitat, Mustapha Ben Boulaïd, Mourad Didouche, Mohamed Boudiaf, Krim Belkacem and Larbi Ben M’hidi. The inspiration for the design was a photo, taken just before the outbreak of the war against France on Nov. 1, 1954, bringing together the six, all leaders of the National Liberation Front. Three of them did not survive the revolution.

The back of the new bank note has a photo of the tomb of Imedghassen and of Fogara Beni Foughil in Adrar province.

The note will circulate alongside others of the same face value.

In addition, a new 200-dinar coin will be issued simultaneously bearing the image of Ahmed Zabana, the first victim of the guillotine during the colonial era. The minister of finance said that the purpose of both issues, as symbols of national sovereignty, was to link Algeria and its people to the glorious revolution and to the deep origins of Algerian history.

The ministry also announced that it has cleared the land needed and is giving the bank the authority to build a new printing facility on the site.

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