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Albania issues two new 2021 bank notes in series

The Bank of Albania adds 10,000- and 1,000-lek bank notes to the currency series it began introducing in September 2019 and will finish in 2022.

Images by Bank of Albania.

The Bank of Albania has added 10,000- and 1,000-lek bank notes to the currency series it is introducing between September 2019 and 2022.

The 200- and 5,000-lek notes were issued in September 2019; the 2,000-lek note will come out later this year; and the 500-lek note will round out the program in 2022.

All notes are printed by De La Rue and they are the first to be made of polymer.

The theme of the series includes the portraits of notable national figures and moments in Albanian history. These moments begin in antiquity, moving through the Middle Ages, the National Awakening, the Independence of Albania, and end with the symbols of the national flag and anthem on the largest denomination.

The face of the 1,000-lek bank note has a portrait of 17th century author Pjetër Bogdani, known in Italian as Pietro Bogdano. He is called the most original writer of early literature in Albania. Among its features are aids for the sight-impaired; a security thread that turns into a dark solid line when the note is held to light, and that changes color from green to purple at different angles; the sun symbol has an image that changes color when tilted; and on the back, an iridescent stripe in the center that displays the face value.

The face of the 10,000-lek note has the portrait of Albanian poet Asdreni, the pen name of Aleksander Stavre Drenova, an early 20th century poet of the Albanian National Awakening, and one of the best-known Albanian poets, and the author of the national anthem. The back has the national flag, and a line of music from the anthem. It has similar security elements to those on the 1,000-lek note, but the color of the security thread changes from green to purple.

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