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After a dismal February, did bullion sales rebound?

Both gold and silver bullion sales got off to a hot start in 2017. However, both fell off tremendously in the month of February. Did March yield kinder results for either of them?

Original images courtesy of the U.S. Mint

After a hot start to the year in January, the United States Mint’s American Eagle gold and silver bullion coin sales dropped in the month of February.

While March saw a small positive swing in silver sales, with 400,000 more ounces sold than in February, the same cannot be said for gold, which actually had a worse March than February.

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The infographic below is concerned with sales of only the American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins, the far and away most popular U.S. Mint bullion coin issues. It compares monthly and overall 2017 sales with those of previous years.

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