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Academy Award nominated actress on new bank note

The Riksbank, the Swedish central bank, completed the introduction of its new currency series on Oct. 3 when it introduced its new 100- and 500-krona bank notes and new 1-, 2-, and 5-krona coins. This completes a transformation that began in 2015, when 20-, 50-, 200-, and 1,000-krona notes were released.

The new notes feature a pair of Swedish icons and are unified in their style. The 100-krona note is dedicated to Greta Garbo, the reclusive Swedish-American actress and three-time Academy Award nominee. Her portrait appears on the face of the note, while the back shows a panoramic view of Stockholm, where she grew up.

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Opera singer Birgit Nilsson is on the face of the 500-krona note, with the Oresund Bridge in Skåne County, where she was reared, on the reverse. The bridge connects Sweden and Denmark.

The notes, with security strips, color-shifting image, and the anti-scanning rings of the Eurion Constellation, were printed by Crane Currency in Sweden.

The current 100-krona and 500-krona bank notes can be used as usual until June 30, 2017. They will be officially demonetized one year later, when they will no longer be accepted in bank deposits.

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