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2019 Swiss shooting talers available for pre-order

The 2019 Swiss shooting talers are available for pre-order, with delivery in January. The silver version shown here has a mintage limited to 1,500 pieces.

Images courtesy of the Coin & Currency Institute.

Switzerland’s annual shooting taler is now available for preorder in advance of its mid- to late January release date. 

The legend of William Tell recalls the traditional shooting festival, a practice that continued into the 19th and 20th centuries and included the issuance of commemorative medals or “talers” that were valid during the festival. 

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Modern shooting festivals are held every year in a different canton, with a federal festival every five years. As many as 50,000 marksmen have attended some of the annual festivals. 

In 1984, a modern series of Swiss shooting talers was revived, and the series will continue in 2019 (the 35th year) with silver and gold versions. Although the talers have denominations, they are privately issued medals, not coins.

The 2019 festival is scheduled in Appenzell in June. 

The Proof silver 50-franc medal nearly always sells out, and has a mintage for 2019 of 1,500 pieces. It is struck from .900 fine silver, weighs 25 grams and is 37 millimeters in diameter. It costs $124.75. 

The gold 500-franc taler has a mintage for 2019 of just 200 medals. It is .999 fine gold and weighs a half troy ounce. It is 33 millimeters in diameter and retails for $1,495.

The designs of the two medals are identical except for the expression of value. 

The obverse shows a pair of bears facing each other, one holding part of a tree limb. The bears are similar in appearance to the one on the Appenzeller coat of arms. The reverse has the face value within a wreath, with crossed rifles, a powder horn, and shooting bag below.

A legend in French and German, CONVERTIBLE Á LA FÊTE DE TIR – EINLÖSBAR AM SCHÜTZENFEST indicates that the taler is convertible at the shooting festival.

Coin & Currency Institute is accepting pre-orders for these medals, available through its website

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