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2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Eagle silver dollar debuts

U.S. Mint officials anticipate an early sellout for the 30,000 Enhanced Reverse Proof 2019-S American Eagle silver dollars that go on sale at noon Eastern Time Nov. 14.

With an order limit of one coin per household, the issue is priced at $65.95 per coin.

Each coin will be accompanied by the Mint's first issuance of a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity. The serial numbers are unrelated to the order in which coins are struck or packaged. U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder plans to personally autograph the first 100 certificates.

The Enhanced Reverse Proof silver American Eagle exhibits multiple surface treatments on the both the obverse and the reverse. Examples from the West Point Mint were included in the Pride of Two Nations sets issued July 3 in the United States.

“A standard Reverse Proof coin is one featuring an ‘inverted’ Proof finish,” according to the U.S. Mint. “The background is frosted, while the design elements are polished to a mirror-like finish, creating a magnificent contrast.”

On a standard Proof coin, frosted devices are contrasted against mirror-polished fields.

“This Enhanced Reverse Proof coin has the same frosted background as a Reverse Proof coin, but what sets it apart are the multiple polished and frosted finishes applied to different isolated design elements,” according to the Mint.

“The selective polishing and frosting dramatically enhances the visual impact of the design.”

For producing these dies, the face of each die is first completely Proof-polished. Then designated areas receive different intensities of laser-frosting, after being mapped out according to a computerized template.

For the obverse of the Enhanced Reverse Proof, Proof polishing remains on the rim, date, letters of LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST, the stars, what would be white stripes on the American flag, the strapping on Liberty’s sandals, the sun and the sun’s rays.

Light frosting is applied to Liberty’s body and upper garment, the branch in her left hand, and portions of her sandals. Light plus frosting appears on what would be the red stripes on the American flag as well as the canton behind the stars. Standard frosting appears on the exergue. Heavy frosting is used on the background fields.

For the reverse finishes, Proof polishing remains on the rim, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the inscription designating weight in silver, the denomination, the background on the shield, the 13 stars above the eagle, the S Mint mark, the letters of E PLURIBUS UNUM and Mint sculptor engraver John Mercanti’s JM designer’s initials. Light frosting covers the entire eagle. Light plus frost is used on the ribbon in the eagle’s beak, the branch in the right talon and arrows in left. Heavy frosting is used on the background fields as well as on the frame and vertical stripes on the shield.

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