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2019 American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coin mintage second lowest

The U.S. Mint has already sold all of its 2019 American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coins, 30,000 pieces, the second lowest output in the 33-year history of the series.

Gold bullion distributors were notified by U.S. Mint memo Nov. 1 that the bureau’s inventory of 2019 half-ounce gold American Eagles was depleted.

The lowest mintage for any American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coin is the 24,100 for the 1991 release. The highest American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coin mintage is 599,566 for the 1986 issue. The 2018 mintage was 32,000 coins.

As of Nov. 22, the U.S. Mint recorded sales of 106,000 of the American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 gold bullion coins. The lowest sales were 189,148 for 1996 coins; the 1999 coins’ sales were highest at 1,505,026 pieces. The 2018 mintage of 1-ounce coins was 191,000.

American Eagle quarter-ounce gold bullion coin sales so far in 2019 have reached 36,000 coins. The lowest output for quarter-ounce gold American Eagles was 36,100 for 1991 issues, and the highest, 726,031, was for the inaugural 1986 releases. 2018’s mintage was 62,000 coins.

American Eagle tenth-ounce gold bullion coin sales dated 2019 have reached 190,000 coins, compared to 230,000 2018 coins issued. The lowest output of tenth-ounce gold American Eagles was 159,500 for 1988 coins. The highest sales figure for the tenth-ounce release is 2,750,338 for the 1999 coins.

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