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US bullion coin sales losing traction

Sales of American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins in 2018 are heading toward an 11-year-low, with the number of 2018 half-ounce gold coins sold challenging the 1991 release for lowest mintage in the series.

Through Nov. 29, American Eagle gold bullion coin sales reached 230,000 ounces combined for all denominations. With sales still to be added for Nov. 30, preliminary November sales reached 8,000 ounces, compared with 24,500 ounces in October.

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2018 sales included three consecutive months — February, March and April — in which only tenth-ounce gold $5 coins were sold.

So far in 2018, sales of American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coins have reached 15,000 ounces, or 30,000 coins. The total may include sales of some leftover 2017-dated coins sold into the first quarter of 2018.

The exact number won’t be known until the Mint releases audited sales totals in 2019. The Mint requires its authorized purchasers to accept shipments of coins dated from the previous year, if still in inventory, before newly dated stock is shipped.

From January through the end of November 2017, total American Eagle gold bullion coin sales reached 259,500 ounces.

Sales of the 1991 American Eagle half-ounce gold coin totaled 24,100 pieces, the lowest mintage for the series since its introduction in October 1986.

Silver American Eagles

November sales of American Eagle silver bullion coins stood at 1.27 million through Nov. 29. Cumulative annual sales were recorded at 14,835,000 coins.

In comparison, through the first 11 months of 2017, American Eagle silver bullion coin sales reached 17.3 million coins.

Peak sales for the American Eagle silver bullion coin reached 47 million coins in 2015, the year after the prior sales record was set at 44,006,000 coins.

Gold American Buffaloes

So far in 2018, the U.S. Mint has recorded sales of 117,500 of the American Buffalo 1-ounce gold coins.

During the first 11 months of 2017, the Mint recorded sales of 85,500 coins.  

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