World’s gold, silver producers, precious metals experts to converge on Lima, Peru

13th annual international symposium to bring mining initiatives to forefront in 2018
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Published : 12/26/17
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The 13th annual International Gold and Silver Symposium will bring precious metals mining experts and their latest initiatives to Lima, Peru, May 29 to 31, 2018.

The biennial event is organized by the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy of Peru.

The planned agenda is as follows:

Tuesday, May 29: Welcome Address and Exhibition Area Opening

➤ Session: Innovation and Technology

➤ Round Table: Perspectives in Gold Mining

➤ Round Table: Investment Promotion, Mining Competitiveness

Wednesday, May 30

➤ Round Table: Precious Metals Projects in Peru and Around the World

➤ Round Table: Perspectives in Silver Mining

➤ Round Table: Main Gold and Silver Findings in Peru and Around the World

Thursday, May 31

➤ Forecast Prices for Precious Metals

➤ Importance of Mining Investment in the World

➤ Round Table: Mining, Challenges and Trials

➤ Conclusions and Closing Address

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