Precious metal with a historic link: gold bars from shipwreck in FUN auction

Platinum Night sale by Heritage offers gold from SS Central America
By , Coin World
Published : 12/14/16
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The smaller bar measures 43 millimeters by 53 millimeters by 28 millimeters. The face is stamped No 715 / 34.94 OZ/ 855 FINE / $617.54. The hallmark is stamped on the right edge.

Henry Hentsch

While more than 500 gold bars were retrieved from the SS Central America wreckage, just 33 bear the hallmark of assayer Henry Hentsch. That is the fewest among the bars recovered and assigned to an identified assayer.

The Hentsch bar offered, at 45 ounces, is classified by experts as a “medium to large size” ingot.

The bar measures 48 millimeters wide by 74 millimeters long by 21 millimeters thick.

The face of the bar is stamped in five lines No 3212 / 914 FINE / HY HENTSCH / OZ 45.00 / $850.23

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