Worldwide demand for silver increasing from multiple market sectors

Global mine supply production anticipated to dip 5 percent in 2016
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Published : 03/07/16
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Worldwide silver demand from industrial, investment and jewelry sectors is continuing to climb while global mine supply production is projected to drop in 2016, according to The Silver Institute.

The latest Silver News from the trade organization suggests coin demand in 2016 will be elevated from 2015 record levels. In 2015, coin demand reflected an estimated 12 percent of total physical demand for silver, according to the Institute.

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The projected reduction in silver mining production is the first since 2002, and is fueled by low silver prices.

"The lower price environment provided little incentive for producers to invest in expanding capacity at existing operations," according to The Silver Institute. "Looking further ahead, many analysts expect global silver mine production to fall through 2019 as primary silver production from more mature operations begins to drop."

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