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Silver American Eagles: another week, another million

Weekly allocations, based on the availability of finished blanks, continue to limit the number of orders the U.S. Mint's authorized purchasers can place for American Eagle silver bullion coins.

Coin for photography courtesy of SilverTowne.

The Mint's weekly allocations continues to limit the number of orders that can be placed by the U.S. Mint's authorized purchasers for American Eagle 1-ounce silver bullion coins.

The Mint announced the Feb. 29 weekly allocation of 1 million silver bullion coins available. Of that total, 736,500 were recorded sold by March 1, bringing the calendar year total since Jan. 11 to 10,736,500. 

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The week of Feb. 22, authorized purchasers placed orders for 1,073,500 coins, which included 73,500 coins that remained from the Feb. 15 weekly allotment.

Gold Eagles

Sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins also began Jan. 11. Through Feb. 29, the Mint recorded sales of 207,500 ounces of gold American Eagles:

  • 156,500 ounces in 1-ounce, .9167 fine gold coins
  • 14,500 ounces in half-ounce gold coins (28,000 coins)
  • 12,000 ounces in quarter-ounce gold coins (48,000 coins)
  • 24,500 ounces in tenth-ounce coins (245,000 coins)

Gold Buffalo coins

Sales recorded through Feb. 29 for the American Buffalo 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 coins reached 53,000 coins.

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