2016 news events affect 'safe haven' status of gold and silver 'hard money'

Collectors willingly paying higher prices
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Published : 02/11/16
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News release from Forecaster Publishing Co. Inc., publisher of the Forecaster Moneyletter in Tarzana, Calif.:

What do 2016 news events have to do with resumption of "safe haven" status of gold & silver "hard money?"

"Quite a bit," says economist John V. Kamin of the Forecaster Moneyletter.

The company is celebrating its 54th anniversary in Tarzana, Calif., seeing gold and silver coins they've recommended climb. Publisher says, "Many people own traditional gold and silver money, plus latest gold and silver Eagles! Why stash 'hard money'?"

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"Worried people allayed fears by owning gold and silver coins for 1000s of years; financial wizards, traders, modern coin collectors," says Kamin. Even U.S. government cooperating [in] 2016, through production at U.S. Mint, which happily makes $100 millions in profit each year, supplying traditional and new designs: Lady Liberty $100 1-ounce-gold, half-ounce First Spouse gold, 1-ounce USA Silver Eagle with $1 face.

Collectors willingly pay higher prices, because of the recent Wall Street events, Iran nuclear deals, North Korea bombs & threats, events taking place in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, elsewhere. No, there are no more fixed prices on gold and silver, eliminated as 1970s began!

Economist Kamin says, "Russian ruble has been trashed. Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain and other nations flirt with monetary turmoil, while budget turmoil citizenry reject austerity. Millions of immigrants ran away from their home countries, fleeing war and disasters, while stable nations wonder what to do with millions of refugees! Collectors of traditional hard money gold and silver USA coins see gainful opportunities coming, unlike other collectibles: stamps, Cabbage Patch dolls, Pet Rocks, fads."

Kamin was one of the original members of The National Committee for Monetary Reform as the 1960s ended and 1970s began, helping to get gold ownership legalized for Americans by 1974. He still publishers Forecaster Moneyletter. For more information, you can write to Forecaster, Dept. NR, 19623 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356, or call 818-345-4421. A First Edition of latest Forecaster Report is available ($15).

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