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2016 American Eagle silver bullion sales brisk

Could 2016 be shaping up to become another record year for the U.S. Mint sales of American Eagle silver bullion coins?

Through Jan. 19, the Mint has recorded sales of 4.95 million of the coins. The coins went on sale Jan. 11.

The 4 million 2016 silver coins allocated Jan. 11 to authorized purchasers were sold out by the end of the business day Jan. 14.

With the federal government closed Jan. 18 in observance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, the next weekly allocation was announced to authorized purchasers Jan. 19.

Of the 1 million coins allocated, authorized purchasers immediately placed orders for 950,000, leaving 50,000 coins available. The next allocation will be announced Jan. 25.

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If the allocation remains at 1 million silver coins weekly and authorized purchasers continue to absorb the allotment, the Mint stands to sell well over 50 million 2016 American Eagle silver bullion coins. The Mint sold 47 million silver Eagles in 2015, the current record.

During the month of January 2015, the U.S. Mint recorded sales of 5.53 million silver American Eagles, a figure that is possible to be broken for the 2016 sales totals for January depending on the allocation for Jan. 25.

For comparison, the Mint sold 5,530,000 coins during the entire month of January 2015, with 2,958,000 coins sold on Jan. 12, the first day of sales for the 2015 silver bullion coins.

Gold bullion

Jan. 11 was also the start of sales for 2016 gold bullion coins in the American Eagle and American Buffalo series.

Through Jan. 19, the Mint recorded the following sales:

??1-ounce gold American Eagles, 69,000 coins.

??Half-ounce gold American Eagles, 18,000 coins.

??Quarter-Ounce gold American Eagles, 28,000 coins.

??Tenth-ounce gold American Eagles, 105,000 coins.

??1-ounce gold American Buffalo coins, 27,500 coins.

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