Physical demand for gold forecast to rise during 2016, according to analyst

Rare coins projected to outpace gold bullion
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Published : 12/29/16
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Gold dealer and market forecaster Mike Fuljenz believes physical demand for gold in 2016 is expected to climb over 2015 levels.

Fuljenz also believes the sale of rare coins will likely outpace gold bullion as well.

In his December 2015 Week 5 issue of his Metals Market Report, Fuljenz outlines his top seven projections for the gold market during 2016:

➤  Forecast #1: New gold supplies will likely decline from 2015 to 2016, as 2015 will likely be the “peak year” of global mining production.

➤  Forecast #2: The tensions in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq (vs. ISIS), will escalate, pushing gold prices higher in “spurts” at first, and then more consistently as seemingly isolated terrorist acts take place around the world.

➤ Forecast #3: Physical demand for gold will rise from 2015’s record levels, pushing gold higher.  

➤ Forecast #4: The dollar will peak by mid-2016 and then decline toward the end of the year, in terms of other major currencies (the euro, the pound and the yen), pushing gold up in terms of the dollar.  

➤ Forecast #5: Rare coins will likely outpace gold bullion in 2016.

➤ Forecast #6: Politics will disrupt markets, leading to a strong year for gold and rare coins, and a drop in the Dow Jones average.

➤ Forecast #7: Wall Street will turn favorable toward gold.

To learn about Fuljenz's reasoning for his forecasts, read his full report here

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We are very close to a huge economic crisis in the US and other countries. There are bubbles everywhere and gold will be again a way to protect our assets from the currency collapse. So far, I'm really happy with my gold purchases!

Andre Jones