Saratoga National Historical Park 5-ounce silver coin sells out

U.S. Mint exhausts inventory on first day of sales Nov. 30
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Published : 12/03/15
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The U.S. Mint sold out its inventory of 2015 Saratoga National Historical Park 5-ounce silver bullion coins Nov. 30.

All 45,000 coins allocated to authorized purchasers were sold within hours.

The Saratoga National Historical Park issue is the last of five 5-ounce silver bullion quarter dollars to be offered in 2015 and the fifth for the year to record a sellout.

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The U.S. Mint previously reported sellouts for the Homestead National Monument of America (35,000), Kisatchie National Forest (42,000), Blue Ridge Parkway (45,000), and Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (45,000) coins.

The sellout of the Saratoga National Historical Park 5-ounce silver bullion quarter dollars brings 2015 sales to 1,060,000 ounces in 5-ounce coins (212,000 coins), second only to 2011, the highest sales year, with 465,000 coins combined sold from five issues released. The lowest sales year was 2014, with 160,000 coins recorded sold. 

Since the U.S. Mint began offering the 5-ounce silver bullion coins beginning with the 2010 issues, combined sales have reached 1,251,900 coins (6,259,500 ounces). 

The highest sales recorded for individual coins were 126,700 each for the 2011 Gettysburg National Historical Park and 2011 Glacier National Park 5-ounce silver bullion coins.

The lowest individual mintages recorded are 22,000 each for the 2014 Arches National Park and 2014 Great Sand Dunes National Park coins.

2014 is also the year the U.S. Mint established a sales record for American Eagle 1-ounce silver bullion coins at 44,006,000 coins, a record that was eclipsed Nov. 30, 2015, with the number for 2015 still climbing.

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