After July boom, American Eagle gold bullion sales slow in August

Price of gold is up a little after bottoming out at $1,084.50 per ounce on Aug. 5
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Published : 08/19/15
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The sales boom for U.S. Mint American Eagle gold bullion coins seen in July is not continuing into August.

Through Aug. 18, 26,000 ounces of American Eagle gold bullion coins were sold to the Mint's authorized purchasers (in tenth-, quarter-, half- and 1-ounce sizes, totaling 72,500 coins). If that pace were to continue through the end of the month, the August total would be approximately 44,778 ounces. 

That hypothetical total would be only slightly more than one quarter of the total 170,000 ounces of the gold bullion coins sold in July. 

According to, the price of gold dropped throughout July, and bottomed out at $1,084.50 per ounce on Aug. 5. Since then, the price climbed, reaching $1,127.20 at 9 a.m. ET Aug 19. 

Check back with at the end of the month for a full August bullion sales report.

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