Current sales of Proof 2015-W American Buffalo $50 coins half of 2014 final totals

1-ounce coin being offered at $1,540, subject to change
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Published : 06/17/15
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Current sales recorded by the U.S. Mint for the Proof 2015-W American Buffalo $50 gold coin are half of the coin's 2014 sales totals.

The U.S. Mint's latest sales report indicates 10,821 of the 2015-W American Buffalo gold Proof coins were sold through June 14. The 2015-W Proof first went on sale from the U.S. Mint April 9.

The most recent sales report to list the Proof 2014-W American Buffalo gold coin indicates its final but unaudited sales reached 20,522 coins. However, the Proof 2014-W coin first went on sale May 8, 2014.

The 1-ounce, .9999 fine gold 2015-W American Buffalo coin, struck at the West Point Mint, is currently offered by the Mint at $1,540. The price is subject to change according to the metals market and the U.S. Mint's pricing grid for coins containing precious metals.

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