Feast dollar Zombucks brings death, destruction to Peace dollar design

Sixth design highlights Anthony de Francisci's Peace dollar, with a twist
By , Coin World
Published : 05/01/15
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Zombucks are a popular silver and copper bullion series from Provident Metals. 

Coin World explores all of the designs issued so far in the series. 

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The sixth design in the Zombucks series is a tribute to the Peace silver dollar, which was designed by Anthony de Francisci and issued at various times from 1921 to 1935.

Instead of world peace (the subject of the Peace dollar), the Feast dollar reflects a world of chaos during the “Zombie Apocalypse.”

The obverse features a decomposing Lady Liberty, her tangled hair ridden with worms. FEAST is engraved above.

Feast Dollar mintage limits

Silver – 39,254

Proof silver – 2,500

Copper – 73,033

Proof copper – 2,500

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated copper: $3
Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated silver: $25

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