Want to get real-time gold and silver spot prices on your TV?

New Spots in a Box product from Digital Metals provides just that
By , Dillon Gage Metals
Published : 01/29/15
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The following is a press release from Dillon Gage Metals:

Digital Metals, a division of Dillon Gage Metals, announces its most recent product, Spots in a Box, which delivers real-time precious metals spot pricing to audiences anywhere at any time. This customizable in-store digital display attaches to a small electronic device that connects users to Dillon Gage’s platform via the web, providing real-time and historical pricing for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Spots in a Box can be used in a variety of business settings and customized for particular audiences. Primary target markets include precious metals showrooms, trading offices, brokerage firms, investment advisors and even trade show floors.

“Spots in a Box is designed to provide a simple plug-and-play spot pricing display for any business with dealings in precious metals—consumer or business-to-business,” Dillon Gage President Terry Hanlon said. “An added touch is the customization feature, which allows business users to upload their corporate logos, product images, videos or specials in conjunction with the continually updated pricing information. Never before has such a professional, self-branded display been available with this type of information.”

Spots in a Box attaches to any 1080 HDTV with an HDMI cable and requires a cable or WiFi Internet connection. Installed following a simple step-by-step instruction manual, it provides users with the ability to deliver targeted content to customers. The product retails for $10 per month and is available through Dillon Gage Metals now.

For further information, please visit Dillon Gage Metals at www.dillongage.com

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