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2015 German collector coin marks millennium of life in Leipzig

Germany will mark the 1,000-year history of the city of Leipzig with a €10 collector coin in 2015.

Images courtesy of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany.

Leipzig, in east-central Germany, is a center of economics, culture and science, and has been for 1,000 years.

A 2015 commemorative €10 coin from Germany will celebrate the millennium of Leipzig.

The reverse silhouettes a group of people against an architectural cityscape, representing the integral role of the citizenry in shaping the city, according to the coin announcement from the German Federal Ministry of Finance. 

The obverse depicts the German eagle, the year 2015, the name of the Germany in German, the denomination, the 12 stars of Europe and the F Mint mark, indicating the Stuttgart Mint will strike the coin.

Artist Anne Karen Hentschel designed the coin.

Germany issues two versions of its €10 commemorative coins, an Uncirculated copper-nickel version weighing 14 grams, and a Proof .625 fine silver version weighing 16 grams.

The coin is due for release in July.

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