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Florida silver-coin hoard to be sold to benefit local charities

The 2,082 silver coins that were discovered during the demolition of an abandoned home in St. Cloud, Fla., in April will be sold to benefit to local charities, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Sentinel reports that the coins, all of which are dated between 1917 to 1964, will either be sold to collectors or sold for their weight in silver, with all proceeds from those sales going to St. Cloud’s Community Agency Grant Fund. 

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Silver was priced at $19.40 per ounce as of 11:51 a.m. Eastern Time on Aug. 27, according to Kitco.

Of the 2,082 coins, 861 are half dollars, 1,016 are quarter dollars, 202 are dimes, and three are 5-cent coins. The hoard was found while a St. Cloud crew was tearing down the home, which was abandoned after more than $500,000 worth of local code violations had been racked up by the most recent owner.

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St. Cloud officials kept the discovery quiet between April and August as they waited for any possible owners of the hoard to come forward.

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