Odyssey Marine Exploration brings up 1,000 more gold coins from shipwreck

Silver coins, gold dust, nuggets also recovered
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Published : 08/25/14
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More than 1,000 additional gold coins were recovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration from the 1857 wreckage of the SS Central America between July 21 and Aug. 15, bringing the total number of gold coins recovered since April to 3,096.

Gold and silver coins, gold dust, nuggets and jewelry continue be recovered by Odyssey from the 1857 wreckage of the SS Central America.

The vessel sank off the coast of South Carolina on Sept. 12, 1857, during a hurricane.

Odyssey filed its latest inventory report with United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Norfolk. The complete inventory of items recovered can be found here

An operational report covering activities conducted July 16 to Aug. 15 was to be filed with the court by Aug. 25, according to Odyssey Marine officials. A link to the operational report was to be posted on the Odyssey website.

After a scheduled port call, the Odyssey Explorer salvage vessel is now back at the SS Central America site conducting operations.

Wide variety of finds

A wide variety of denominations, dates and Mint marks are represented among the coins in the recent inventory report.

While the bulk of the most recent inventory of recovered treasure comprises 1856-S and 1857-S Coronet gold $20 double eagles, large numbers of gold dollars through double eagles have also been recovered, including Indian Head gold $3 coins.

Among the U.S. gold coins recovered are examples from Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Dahlonega and Charlotte Mints, in various denominations. 

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