CCAC considering change for American Eagle silver bullion coin reverse design

Panel to consider 43 designs submitted for previous coin programs
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Published : 03/28/14
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When the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee meets April 8 by telephone, possible change will be under consideration for the American Eagle silver bullion coin's reverse design, in use since 1986.

The 11-member panel will also consider an arts medal program for discussion and formal recommendation.

CCAC Chairman Gary Marks is asking each CCAC member to select five designs from a CD containing 43 eagle-themed designs submitted, but not recommended, for previous U.S. coin programs.

Marks will collate the designs that his fellow committee members select into a master list for discussion purposes.

Marks says he will ask CCAC members to discuss the designs from the master list and consider forwarding a recommendation for one of those designs to be used on the silver American Eagle reverse.

Also to be discussed is a potential art medals program, a concept that has been published in a number of CCAC annual reports.

Initiation in 2014 of an “Expressions of America” art medals program, according to the CCAC, "will provide opportunities for innovation in the use of advanced design techniques. These could include ultra high relief, incused design treatments, laser etching, selective gold-plating, holograms, colorization, gold cameo inserts, holographic colors, or bi-metallic outer rings.

The program would provide for free artistic expression and the creation of beautiful works of art focused on American themes. Annual design themes could be developed through the U.S. Mint with final theme selections made by the Secretary of the Treasury. The program could be limited to not more than two medals each year.

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