American Eagle silver bullion coins set sales record in 2013

Sales top 42 million coins, blast past 2011’s previous record sales
Published : 01/03/13
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2013 was a booming year for American Eagle silver bullion coins, with the previous sales record broken well before the end of the calendar year.

As of Dec. 24, calendar year 2013 sales had reached 42,675,000 coins.

Sales were suspended early in the year as depleted inventory was replenished and allocations to authorized purchasers rationed.

Despite the mid-January suspension, January’s final sales in 2013 were the highest monthly total since the American Eagle Silver Coin Program was inaugurated in November 1986.

The U.S. Mint sells the bullion coins to a network of authorized purchasers, who acquire the coins from the Mint for the spot price of the precious metal on a given day on the London metals market plus a small premium.

The authorized purchasers may then sell the bullion coins to dealers and the public.

Authorized purchasers were able to place orders for the 2013 American Eagle silver bullion coins for the first time beginning Jan. 7, 2013. On Jan. 17, the Mint informed authorized purchasers that the .999 fine silver bullion coins were temporarily sold out. Sales resumed the week of Jan. 28 with an allocation process imposed.

The January 2013 sales total for American Eagle silver bullion coins reached 7,498,000 pieces, establishing a new monthly sales record. The total eclipsed the previous record of 6,422,000 American Eagle silver bullion coins set in January 2011.

The record for sales of American Eagle silver bullion coins, 39,868,500 pieces, established during 2011, was broken Nov. 12, when weekly sales pushed the calendar year 2013 cumulative total to 40,175,000.

The existing record mintage for the American Eagle silver bullion coin is 40.02 million 2011-dated coins. When mintage figures for 2013 are finalized, we may find that the 2011 record has been superseded.

Sales figures should not be confused with mintage figures, as sales may include coins struck in more than one calendar year.

U.S. Mint officials announced Nov. 6 that the Mint would issue its last weekly allocation of 2013 American Eagle silver bullion coins on Dec. 9.

The authorized purchasers will be unable to place orders 2014 American Eagle silver bullion coins until Jan. 14. ■

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