American Eagle record broken for fourth year

2011 silver bullion mintage tops 40 million pieces
Published : 04/20/12
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The record-breaking mintage of 40.02 million 2011 American Eagle silver bullion coins is 5,255,500 more coins, or 15.1 percent higher, than the 2010 issue.

U.S. Mint officials released the final mintages for 2011 silver and gold American Eagles on April 10 after all remaining coins in inventory were recorded as sold.

The 2011 mintage was the fourth record mintage in a row for the American Eagle 1-ounce .999 fine silver coin. The mintage for the 2010 coin reached 34,764,500; for the 2009 issue, 30,459,000 coins; and for the 2008 coin, 20,583,000 — all occurring as a result of renewed interest in silver as an investment. In contrast, the 2007 mintage was 9,028,036 pieces.

The lowest mintage for the series was recorded for the 1996 issue, with 3,603,386 pieces reported.

Gold American Eagles

No records were set among the 2011 American Eagle .9167 fine gold bullion coins. The mintages for all four weights/denominations are:

➤ 1-ounce $50 coin — 857,000

➤ Half-ounce $25 coin — 70,000

➤ Quarter-ounce $10 coin — 80,000

➤ Tenth-ounce $5 coin — 350,000

The highest mintage for the 1-ounce coins since the American Eagle gold program was inaugurated in 1986 is the 1999 issue, with 1,505,026 coins; the lowest, 2007, with 140,016 coins.

The highest mintage for the half-ounce coins is the 1986 issue, with 599,566 coins; the lowest, 1991, with 24,100 coins.

The highest mintage for the quarter-ounce coins is the 1986 issue, with 726,031 coins; the lowest, 1991, with 36,100 coins.

The highest mintage for the tenth-ounce coins is the 1999 issue, with 2,750,338 coins; the lowest, 1988, with 159,500 coins.

American Buffalo gold coins

The mintage for 2011 American Buffalo 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 coins won’t be released until the Mint’s remaining inventory is sold to its authorized purchasers. Sales through April 10 reached 202,000 coins.

Platinum American Eagles

The U.S. Mint has not struck nor sold any American Eagle .9995 fine platinum bullion coins since November 2008. U.S. Mint officials are considering resurrecting platinum bullion coin production sometime in 2012.

Monthly sales totals, posted cumulatively on a daily basis on the Mint’s website at for American Eagle platinum, gold and silver bullion coins and American Buffalo gold bullion coins, may include coins dated from more than one calendar year and do not represent mintages for a particular date.

Final mintages from 1986 on can be found at ■

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