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1873-CC Seated Liberty dollar popular with collector

Bob Brock explains why the 1873-CC Seated Liberty silver dollar is his favorite coin, in the fall-winter issue of Curry’s Chronicle, the official journal of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America.

Brock describes how he got interested in the Seated Liberty dollar series and determined how challenging it would be to add a four-piece set of Carson City Mint examples to his collection, all in Uncirculated condition. Brock tells how when he realized the Carson City Mint made the 1873-CC Seated Liberty dollar in the year of his grandmother’s birth, it became the most special coin he owns.

The father-and-daughter team of Tony Arnold and Mary Elise Arnold-Giambrone contributed two articles. Tony Arnold shares how he wishes to acquire one example of each of the 111 date-denomination combinations issued by the Carson City Mint. Mary Elise Arnold-Giambrone, provides an in-depth review of the C4OA’s August meeting at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Ill.

Mark Archambault gives readers a synopsis of his game plan to build a 10-piece “CC” Seated Liberty half dollar set, limited to circulated coins.

Mitchell Yee’s article provides background information, pricing histories, survival estimates, and images of two countertop, cardboard stand-up displays used by the General Services Administration in the 1970s to promote its Carson City silver dollar sales.

Weimar White, who has contributed at least one article to each of the first 24 issues of Curry’s Chronicle, suggests five reasons why he thinks collectors like Carson City Mint coins.

John Crane introduces a new column to the journal, “Crane’s Carson Coin Corner,” in which he plans to write about countermarked and love token coins that bear the CC Mint mark. Crane starts off with a countermarked 1876-CC Seated Liberty quarter dollar.

Club president and the journal’s editor, Rusty Goe, in his article asks, “How many ‘CC’ coins survive from the pre-Morgan silver dollar era — 1870 to 1877?”

Annual dues in the Carson City Coin Collectors of America, which include a three-issue subscription to Curry’s Chronicle, cost $30. The CCCCOA’s address is P.O. Box 18040, Reno, NV 89511. The Web site is at ¦

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