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Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison spotted at Heritage Platinum Night

The star of the a popular History Channel show added a touch of celebrity to Heritage's Jan. 7 Platinum Night auction at the Florida United Numismatists show in Orlando. 

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame could be spotted at the midpoint of the auction as he watched a Proof 1922 Peace, High Relief dollar that crossed the counter at his shop bring just shy of $100,000, selling for $99,875. 

The piece appeared in a Dec. 23, 2014, episode of the series. Numismatic Guaranty Corp. grader David Vagi assisted Harrison in the segment, quoting the value as “something north of 50, but less than a 100 [thousand].” 

The man who sold the coin originally won it in a poker game. He thought that the coin’s value was around $20,000 and sold the coin to Harrison for $80,000. 

The lot description cites researcher Roger Burdette’s estimate that around five to 10 Proof 1922 Peace, High Relief dollars were produced with a “Sandblast” Finish and these have two diagnostics. Specifically, “All obverses have the point of the bust sharply [overlying] the 9 in the date. The reverses all have a small defect in the area between the eagle’s talon and the leg and the olive branch; the rays are rounded.” 

The 1922 Peace dollar features a relief similar to that found on the 1921 Peace dollars, and was struck during the Philadelphia Mint’s continuing experiments on the coin. The relief was reduced on circulation strikes starting in 1922.

The coin is housed in an NGC holder reading “Gold and Silver Pawn” and “On Air Collection.” 

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