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World replacement note reference guide available

Dr. Ali Mehilba recently released his comprehensive catalog and price guide, MWR – Mehilba World Replacement, detailing world replacement notes from 300 countries.

A replacement note is one that is printed to replace a faulty one, Mehilba writes, much like the “star” notes that are used in the United States.

The 592-page book provides full color illustrations of replacement notes. Mehilba also worked out a different number code for the notes than is used in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, published by Krause Publications. Mehilba devised the new system to reflect the more detailed listings that appear in his book as compared to the Krause book for some notes.

The book includes a detachable sheet with an explanation of how to use the catalog and the Mehilba coding system. Values for replacement notes listed are provided in U.S. dollars.

Mehilba was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and graduated from Alexandria University, Faculty of Medicine, with psychiatry as his speciality. While a physician by education, Mehilba pursued a career in real estate development.

In 2002, Mehilba began collecting paper money. He founded and chairs the Arabic Chapter of the International Bank Note Society and the Arabic Association for Currency Collectors. The AACC aims to raise awareness about paper money in the Arab world.

Mehilba is also the author of Encyclopedia of Libya Paper Money, which was awarded Book of the Year in 2010 by the IBNS.

His MWR – Mehilba World Replacement book is available for $65 plus shipping by ordering from Mehilba’s website at

IBNS members can purchase the book for $60 by contacting Mehilba by email at

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